Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Social Entrepreneurs to visit XLRI - July 7th '10

7th July is going to be an eventful day at XLRI Jamshedpur.

We have two discussions - "One Becoming a Social Entrepreneur" and "Issues in Social Engagement" scheduled with with some of the most committed social entrepreneurs of different hues and "models". They are for-profit, not-for-profit, volunteerism-based, hybrid models... but have one common base: Their purpose is to create constructive and inclusive social change.

Somewhere in between, we will also inaugurate the Children's Public Library, Udaan, which SIGMA has created for the kids of our maintenance staff and domestic helps... actually for all campus kids (and we hope that this becomes a replicable model for various colonies, campuses, housing complexes)...

...and we top it with the first meeting of the "core group" to discuss the 2nd edition of "Jamshedpur JoyFest - The Joy of Giving Week 2010" (Sept 26- Oct 2, 2010) in the evening.

So, who all are the social entrepreneurs visiting XLRI?

Amitava Ghosh
Founder/Director, Kala Mandir,

Kala Mandir works to preserve and promote tribal arts in Jharkhand by creating local communities, and providing them with sustainable livelihood options through micro-enterprise development, market-linkages, education, opportunities for eco-tourism, etc.

Anshu Gupta
Founder/Director, GOONJ
New Delhi

GOONJ works with the issue of clothing, and recycles anything which is discarded as urban waste into resources for others, and works across 20 states. The venture has been internationally recognized for its work and has been the recipient of Changemakers Innovation Award 2004 &2006, World Bank’s Development Marketplace Award 2007 and NGO of the Year Award 2007.

Ronny D'Costa
Regional Governer, Rotary International

Rotary International has been a fore-runner in promoting constructive social engagement and volunteerism across different sections of society. As a committed Rotarian, Ronny has been instrumental in the implementation of a number of projects, e.g., rainwater harvesting, clothes bank, healthcare, education and literacy, etc.

Santanu “Sunny” Bhattacharya
Founder/Director, Technable Solutions Pvt Ltd,

Technable Solutions Provides employability skill training to youth, and runs about 20 centers in WB and North-East. For its work, Technable Solutions was selected as the finalist for the Sankalp Awards 2010, and was awarded the Social Enterprise Leadership Award (International) by Social Enterprise Alliance (USA).

Sujit Mahapatra
Founder/Director, Bakul Foundation

Bakul Foundation works to promote education, volunteerism and social engagement among youth. The Bakul Library, is the largest public library in Orissa, and is supported entirely by volunteers. It campaigns to promote environmental consciousness, art, etc. have received wide recognition.

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