Friday, April 30, 2010

Landscape of "Social Entrepreneurship in India" - Need Help!

Hello folks!

Need help... I am trying to explore the landscape of Social Entrepreneurship in India (I am using the term "Social Entrepreneurship" in its broadest sense, viz., "entrepreneurship to make a social impact").

Specifically, I am seeking answers to the following from those who work in this space (social entrepreneurs/ social investors/ funding agencies/ CSR foundations/ support organisation/ social business venture, etc.):

  1. In the Indian context, are there any specific local conditions/issues (e.g., social, political, economic, legal, etc.), which facilitiate (or hamper with) social entrepreneurship? Also, in your experience, do the are there any significant ways in which Indian social entrepreneurial ventures differ from those in the more developed countries?

  2. Are certain social entrepreneurial 'models' - and targetted areas of social impact - more relevant to India, and more likely to succeed?

  3. Are there any conditions, specific to India, which facilitate (or hamper with) the long-term sustainability and scalability of social enterpreneurial ventures?

If you are social entrepreneur/ funding agency/ social investor/ CSR foundations/ support organisations, etc., operating in India, I will be grateful for your response

Alternatively, if you know any of the above, please pass this request to them

The responses can be sent to:
madhukar [at] xlri [dot] ac [dot] in

These inputs help be a great help to me to refine my own thoughts and in finalising the research problem.... And needless to say, I will be happy to share the preliminary findings based on these inputs

Thanks a ton!

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