Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Are we....?

Ingrid Srinath, CEO of CRY was at here last week, and signed an MOU with XLRI to partner with us for their projects in this region.

In her address to the students, one slide made a lot of sense:
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Are we...?


bombay dosti said...

That was so simple and yet so profound. Wow! i am wondering how she could read my mind... !
that one can be "afraid and arrogant" at the same time!

Madhukar, another old visitor.. from TISS, well, out of TISS now.. was excited to see your blog on social entrepreneurship.

take care :)

Madhukar said...

it is the simpliicity of the words that make it so very meaningful!... really liked this slide of hers

btw, does by any chance, BD translates into "PK"? :)

bombay dosti said...

Oh yes! it does! well, that makes my day!!

Major.srikanth said...

its an amazing piece of writing. makes a lot of sense. if one carefully reads this, it peels away a lot of self generated pseudo skin that we are wearing.